Sunday, January 13, 2013

Passport Renewal at the DFA Office

Passport Renewal at the DFA Office, at Robinsons Lipa

The renewal scheme wasn’t as hassled at the first time I applied for my passport at POEA, Manila. You just have to have a lot of patience and maybe a game or two in your gadget.

We arrived at the mall around 7 in the morning. There was already a line at the rear opening of the mall. They started handing out numbers at 8. The DFA is located in the mall, so take note of the mall operating hours (Monday to Saturday).

1.       You need to have all the requirements when you get the number and remember to personally be in line as the man who gives out the number and the forms is very strict about personal appearance. He’s also very moody early in the morning.

2.       The mall opens at 10 in the morning so you have to wait until that time before the actual processing starts. During your wait, completely fill-out the form and return it. Write down your queue number (which is attached to the form) so you don’t forget it. 
          When the mall opens, you don’t need to rush in. Remember, you already have your queue number.

3.       Wait for your turn. The guard of the office announces the numbers. During this time, prepare your requirements:

Passport renewal of Minors:
1.                   Birth certificate
2.                   Passport
3.                   Photocopy of the first page and last page of the passport
4.                   Passport of parent/guardian
5.                   Photocopy of the first page and last page of the passport of parent/guardian
6.                   School ID

Passport renewal of non-Minors:
1.                   Government ID – Driver’s License, SSS/GSIS E-ID
2.                   Passport
3.                   Photocopy of the first and last page
 Go visit the DFA website for the complete list of requirements .
4.       When your number is called, line up. Once you enter the office, someone behind the information desk will call out your number. He/she will verify your requirements. Once completed you need to proceed to Window 1 or 2

5.       They will need your requirements here. Also, check the window for the schedule of release. Standard release is 15 days, at Php950, while the rush release is 7 days at Php1200. Take note that for weekend processing, the cost is higher, with Php1200 as the minimum.

6.       You will then proceed to the Cashier window for payment. Check your receipt if the correct release date is written. After payment proceed outside the office, and wait for your name/number to be called. This will normally take 20 minutes.

7.       When you are called again, enter the office, and proceed to the seating area. This time, your picture will be taken, your details validated, and your signature entered to the system. For minors, the guardian will sign.

Take note of the instructions when taking your picture. Expressionless face, no teeth, no earrings, and your forehead must be seen.

You may ask to sign again if you think your signature is far from reality.

8.       Ask the staff if you’re done with everything. Then you may go.
9.       You may also opt to have your passport shipped. There’s a courier inside the office.

TIPS: Remember to bring photocopies of your requirements. The photocopier charges five pesos for every photocopy at the worst quality. There’s a nearby photocopier, also at the second floor of the mall that you may go to before the processing.

Good luck with your renewal! And oh, DFA Lipa is currently having problems with their printing. Don’t expect to have your passport released on time. There’s faulty system on their part which will cause inconvenience. So give enough lead time if you really need your passport.

I applied for mine December 21, 2012 (yes, on Dooms Day haha) and paid for a January 10, 2013 release date (this was the rush release since I need it for a Visa application, and because of the Holidays, etc processing takes longer). As of date of posting, they still have not released it.


  1. hi! did you just go straight to the DFA office without calling their hotline to set and appointment? thanks

    1. Yup! I went there without calling the office. You can walk-in but it's best to be there early in the morning.

  2. hello i want to know.. my child is first time aplicant to get a passport i want to know what requirements for the guardian because i cant go with my child and my mother will be the guardian to get my child a passport.

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  4. i lost my passport last 2012 but it's already expired .do i need to get an affidavit of lost before i renew or i'll get a new one na lang po

    1. not sure about this, but you can directly call DFA for official answers. As standard for lost identification, affidavit is required, though.